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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What planning permission is required?
In most cases planning permission is not required but if needed we will take care of the whole process of gaining planning permission for your project for no additional fee. If you'd like to know if you are likely to need planning permission, then you can read more information on the Government website here https://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/extensions/miniguide

Q: What is the timescale and what disruption can I expect?
This depends entirely on your choice and specification of Ecoqube but typically from 3-14 working days. 

Q: If I place an order how long will I have to wait for my Ecoqube?
In most cases the timescale between order and project start will be 4-6 weeks.

Q: What utilities can you provide for my Ecoqube?
We are able to provide all services for your structure whether plumbing or heating, however we are happy to work with your own tradesmen if you require.

Q: Is my structure for seasonal use only or can it be used all year round?
Because of the energy efficiency of our structures and our advanced thermostatically controlled heating your structure will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer comfortable all year long.

Q: What sizes are available?
Whilst we show standard sizes for price purposes you can have any size the only limitations are the location and budget.

Q: Is the structure soundproofed?
We provide super insulated walls of 200mm thickness which are fair wider than our competitors this means sound is greatly inhibited from transfer from your Ecoqube.

Q: What is the cost of my Ecoqube?
Our Ecocube Range starts at £6995 and our Ecohaus Range starts at £11995 for a 3.0m x 2.4m.

Q: What warranty or guarantees will I receive?
All Ecoqube structures come with our own 10 Year guarantee plus individual components have manufacturers’ warranties as well.

For more information or to request a site survey, call John on 07454 854845.