the ecocube provides a unique space for work or play.


Due to our Modular Construction System our sections generally fit through regular sized doorways this avoids many issues associated with delivery and access.


Full use has been made of the latest and ecologically appropriate materials and manufacturing technologies. We source the best building components available. Quality materials and British manufactured components are sourced locally where appropriate. All components are carefully chosen and rigorously tested affording you the piece of mind that our designs provide performance that will live up to the unique demands of our British climate. Due its efficient modular construction we fabricate over 70% off-site, this means your garden room and or extension is completed in a short time frame. (on average under 14 days). The structure will exceed the current standards required of a modern home but with far less disruption to you, your family or your environment.

External Finish

Ecoqube Structures are unique in the wide variety of external finishes that we offer. The Canexel cladding system is our preferred supplier and is constructed using recycled wood fibre, resin, and wax fused under pressure. This engineered wood siding is highly stable, as well as resistant to moisture, it has five coats of baked-on paint, and a sealer providing increased resistance to cracking, splitting, warping. This makes our solution the only truly maintenance free option on the market today.

Internal Finish

All Ecoqube structures come with internal walls plaster- boarded, skim plastered and are painted with two coats of emulsion. We can of course tailor the finish to suit your unique requirements.

Windows & Doors

All our windows and doors are UPVC double glazed and made to BS7412 standards using toughened Pilkington K glass. They can be specified in light oak, dark oak or graphite grey finish and come with a multi-point locking system for maximum security. Lockable vent positions provide secure ventilation. Additional door and window combinations are available, aluminium is also available as an optional extra. www.spectussystems.co.uk/products


All electrical – Plumbing and associated Ground works are available.

Convector (Electric Panel) Wall Heaters

Convector heaters can be installed at lower cost if you prefer. We offer a range of hard-wired convector wall heaters that have thermostatic control and are programmable. The wall-mounted unit is hard wired into the internal electrics via a switched spur.

Under Floor Heating

Many customers choose to have under-floor heating installed in their garden room. We use a system that works perfectly with our laminate and engineered wooden floors and since thermal and energy efficiency are of paramount importance, we also place thermally efficient insulating tiles onto our SIP floor to further improve performance. The under-floor heating system has a blue touch screen electronic and thermostatically controlled unit that gives you the flexibility to use the heating system only when really needed.

Climate Control

This is an energy efficient air-to-air heat pump solution. These units not only heat and cool but also dehumidify and circulate the air. All of the units we supply are highly energy efficient and are installed by a climate control professional. For climate control at least cost we offer an inverter unit from Fujitsu. We also supply a slightly more energy efficient unit from Hitachi which again uses ‘inverter’ technology and has a more aesthetically pleasing internal facade plus a little more functionality.

Acoustic Enhancements

The materials used to construct our garden rooms mean they have excellent natural soundproofing. However if you wish to create a garden music room or recording studio we offer various levels of acoustic enhancements to ensure your garden building is fit for purpose.

Living Roof

A living sedum roof has many aesthetic and ecological advantages. It provides a great habitat for birds and insects, helps with noise and heat insulation and also helps your garden room complement the surrounding environment.